Brendan and Gemma

Brendan and Gemma

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Someone finally asked...

Today I went into Rite Aid and when I was checking out the cashier asked to see the baby. (I always put her in a sling when we're out) I showed her and she said, "She is so sweet, does she have 'Downs' ?" I said yes, that she did, and it felt so odd to be asked. Generally either people already know, or they won't say a word, it seems to be like telling someone their fly is open, if you see it you don't want to say so because that person will then think you're staring at their crotch. (Which we all know isn't the case, but somehow you feel like they will think that!) I've wondered all the time if it's obvious or not that she has it, because no one ever says a peep. I guess it really isn't that important anyway, what they see first is a sweet little baby! I did cry on the way back from the store, not sure why, I am grateful she acknowledged it.

I think probably what made me upset is the fact that I'm a worry-wart, and I want people to see Gemma for who she is and not define her by her disability. OK, nap is over...the residual car ride relaxation has worn off and I've got to go get her her oatmeal!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't feel bad for us please

I think it's awkward for people when I tell them Gemma has Down syndrome. She's just a baby and I'm not sure it's obvious all the time just by looking at her.... I get a look like...ohhhhhhhh......usually followed by a well intentioned comment of, "I'm sorry, or Are you okay with that?" Well, first, no one has to be sorry, yes she will face some hurdles in her life, but don't we all. She is physically quite healthy, so we are grateful beyond words for that! Yes, we are okay with it. I will admit, I cried for days when I found out, then I started really thinking about what it all means. It is what it is, and in some ways we are very fortunate because there is so much support out there, and so many resources available. No one knows what their child's future holds, I think when your child has any sort of condition that slaps you in the face with that reality early on it makes it just a little harder to swallow. I have learned more about myself in the last 5 months than I every thought possible, and I believe Gemma has been sent here as a true miracle, a gift of love...but now she has lost patience with me not playing with her, so I have to run....