Brendan and Gemma

Brendan and Gemma

Friday, April 8, 2011


Our life right now is wonderful. We have 3 children between Aaron and I, Harlie, 17, Brendan, 5 and Gemma who is 3 months...almost 4 months now actually!! Gemma has Down syndrome, but so far is just like any typical baby. So..what's different then? Why blog? Well, I realized that what I thought of as "hopes for a good life" for my children, were actually my expectations of them to fulfill what I considered a good life. What constitutes a good life anyway I asked myself? Is it what society dictates? Do we aim to please others? Is that fulfilling or does it leave us feeling empty and as though we've somehow violated our own soul? A good life, in my opinion, is one that you enjoy living, that is filled with love, and that allows you to feel like you can be true to yourself. My children are not here to validate me or accomplish things I wished I had done. Their life won't necessarily be perfect based solely on the number of chromosomes they have. I love them all so very much, and I accept them as they are. My job is to guide them on the beginning of their life's journey, not to choose their path for them.

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